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Lime (Tilia “Cordata”)

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A medium-sized fast growing tree, 15-20m tall and 10-12m wide which is an American selection branching in an upright habit. Leaves are heart-shaped to round, shiny green on top, blue-green underneath in summer turning golden yellow in autumn. Sweet scented flowers are yellowish-white, in cymes of 5-11 flowers at the beginning if July. The root system has a high percentage of fibrous roots, adaptable to all types of soil, but nutritious, dry soils are preferred. Highly recommended for inner city planting, a good street tree that is resistant to heat, drought, pests and urban climate. Height 40 - 60 feet width 30 feet.


  • Growth Rate: 6 inches -12 inches
  • Soil Conditions: Most soil types
  • Flower: Yellow

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  • Size: 7 foot +
    Price: € POA
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