GLAS - helping you with GLAS Requirements

The Glas scheme has been introduced this year to replace the previous agricultural environmental schemes REPS and AEOS. The scheme a 5 year plan has a variety of goals, amongst them the preservation of the traditional landscape, protection of wildlife and the preservation of traditional species. supports the scheme and is qualified to support the following initiatives promoted under the scheme. You can learn more about qualifying details and conditions for payment in each section by clicking below.

Planting New Hedgerow

Plant up to 200m of hedging
by 31st March 2017

Objective: To establish new hedgerows on farms to increase biodiversity, to enhance the visual landscape and to help protect water quality.

Background: Mature hedgerows give the Irish landscape its distinctive character and field pattern and provide an important wildlife habitat, especially for woodland flora and fauna. Hedgerows provide a barrier and shelter for livestock, stop the spread of disease and define the farm boundaries.

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Planting a Grove of Native Trees

Plant between 250 and 450 native trees
before 31 March 2017

Objective: To encourage the planting of small groups of trees to provide a valuable pocket habitat and opportunity for carbon sequestration

Background: Small groups or groves of trees provide a wide range of ecological benefits and create pocket habitats for both plants and animals . These benefits are increased further through the use of native tree species which colonised Ireland naturally after the last Ice Age. This measure will introduce more native trees into the Irish landscape, promoting our native biodiversity.

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Traditional Orchard

Plant 10 fruit trees
before 31st March 2017

Objective: Increase biodiversity and provide a habitat for wildlife on the farm.

Background To ensure the survival of old fruit varieties and to enhance the visual and historical value of the landscape.

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Note: The 'Planting New Hedgerow' action cannot overlap with the 'Planting a Grove of Native Trees' option or the 'Traditional Orchard' option.