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Caring for Garden Trees: Top Tips

Caring for Garden Trees: Top Tips

Having a beautiful garden with blooming flowers, green bushes, lush grass and healthy trees doesn’t have to be a pipedream. One of the top reasons why new gardeners fail is because they don’t give their gardens the attention they need, so it’s important to know what you need to do and when you need to do it to maintain a beautiful garden.

If you’re looking for some tips on how to care for your garden trees this summer and right through the rest of the year, you should pay attention to the following tips;

Clean your tools

Before using sheers and other tools on the branches, you must ensure all blades are clean. Keep a cloth and some baby oil or nail varnish remover close to your gardening tools so wiping away sap from the blades will be easy.

Pruning your trees

Rub petroleum jelly or spray wd40 on your shears and you’ll be able to prune your trees with ease. Before pruning any plant you have to remove dead, broken or diseased stems as soon as you spot them as dead stems will attract insects and can cause diseases to develop.

It is advised to prune trees, such as ash and oak, when they are dormant in winter as it is the best time of year to see the branching structure and diseases are less likely. Avoid pruning non-blooming shrubs late in summer.

Boosting your Azaleas

After mowing the lawn, leave some of the grass clippings out to dry. Next, spread a thin layer of the clippings around the base of your Azalea Plants. When the grass decays, it sends nitrogen into the soil which will regularly feed the plant. This speeds up the growth of the plant and also darkens the leaves. It is very important not to pile the grass clippings too thickly around the base of the plant as it can make them slimy which will expose the plant’s stems to disease.

Quick rose blooming with foil

In late May or early June, put some sheets of aluminium foil on the ground beneath your rose bushes and put stones on top of the foil. The sunlight will reflect off the foil and will speed up the blooming process of your different types of rose bushes.

Add some tea and coca cola to Gardenias

Watering your Gardenia Bush occasionally with coca cola or tea will increase the acidity of the soil and the sugar will feed the microorganisms. When adding tea, put the tea bags around the bottom of the bush and cover them with mulch. When you water the plant the ascorbic acid and potassium that is in the tea leaves will go down to the shrub roots and do wonders for its growth.

Feed bananas to your roses

Banana skins make a good fertiliser for tomatoes and peppers but roses love them too. Chop your banana skins into small pieces and dig them into the soil beneath a rose bush. The banana skins provide potassium and phosphorus that will help the growth of stronger stems and prettier blooms.

Protect young trees with paper

If you have recently put out tree seedlings but they don’t seem to be growing quite the way you want or are expecting them to, you need to wrap the trunk in newspaper to protect them from the elements and secure it with twine.

The other basics

Always make sure to water your plants and shrubs regularly according to the guidelines that were given with them. Use slug repellent when needed and invest in some plant feed to help them along their journey of growth.

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