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4 Perfect Plants to Plant for Spring

4 Perfect Plants to Plant for Spring

Image: 'Stella d'Oro Daylilies' by Michel Curi on Flickr CC BY 2.0

Spring is in the air! What better way to ring in the new season than with an abundance of fresh plants and flowers. Growing a lush garden can be challenging for any gardener, but there a few specific plants that are perfect for this season and, most importantly, easy to maintain.

The four plants listed below are ideal for spring in terms of maintenance and aesthetic; so get your green thumbs ready and start planting!


1. Stella D'Oro Daylily

Who doesn’t love a bright, beautiful, flower? When the sun is out and the weather gets milder, the bright yellow Stella D’Oro Daylily serves as the perfect complement to its surroundings. This flower flourishes in lots of sunlight but can survive in low light zones as well, which makes it perfectly adaptable.

It will stay bright and lush until the end of summer and will repeat blooming in early autumn. For an easy to plant and easy to care for flower, the Stella D’Oro Daylily is a great choice for all gardeners this spring.

2. Blue Sage

Like all perennial plants, the Blue Sage is long-lasting and leaves quite the impression. This plant has a blue-purple flower that many claim to have a very calming effect, making it perfect for the season of sunshine and hope.

The Blue Sage is also a very tolerant plant as it can withstand drought, which might be an added bonus in spring when rain is common. Better yet? This plant is known to attract butterflies! Your garden will be fluttering with colours before you know it.

The Blue Sage looks great as a standalone plant or can be mixed in well with other plants and colours.

3. Gingko Craig Hosta

The name might not sound familiar, but you’ve likely seen these lush plants in homes and gardens before. The Gingko Craig Hosta has vivid green leaves with white edges, giving this otherwise simple plant a very unique look.

Once the summer hits, this plant blossoms with gorgeous purple flowers that are sure to add a significant touch of colour to your garden. That means it looks great as a leafy plant and even better once it blossoms. Additionally, it only needs a little bit of light so it very easy to care for.

4. Knockout Rose

We couldn’t possibly forget the Knockout Rose as it really is a flower that stands out from the rest. These roses are cherry-red which bloom from April until the winter frost. Remarkably long-lasting, aren’t they?

Although this plant needs regular water and lots of sunlight, the result is worth the work involved to maintain it. This legendary rose is a great choice for just about any garden as it is a classic flower that mixes in well with other shrubs and flowers.


Delight in spring with fresh plants and beautiful flowers. Caring for these selected plants is easy to do and will surely serve as an added touch to the aesthetic of your home and garden. Bring life back into your garden with these beautiful plants and you’ll have a relaxing and beautiful space to kick back and relax this spring and summer!

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